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Introduction It's not easy asking for help when it comes to saving your relationship. Many people ask their friends and family for answers to this question. It's a very personal and sensitive issue. Situations in life can strain the ties that bind you and your significant other. Times like this can be extremely emotionally taxing and it can be hard to know which way to turn. Taking things slowly can help to alleviate highly stressful times. Having a mature approach is often needed to get through the emotional and physical stresses in these tough situations.
Interests Have you made Decisions with a Broken Heart? Well, I have many times. As I look back, my first thought was WHY would I make such decisions when I was not complete and with a broken heart. What kind of decisions you may ask? Well, you name it. Let's see where to start. I can remember being 9 years old and my parents sitting me down to tell me they were getting a divorce. We are at Broken Heart number 1! At least from what I remember. Yet my heart was broken because I remember my mom acting all upset and my dad getting up and leaving without saying goodbye to me. I thought he was angry with me and I was DEVASTATED. Now from this point I simply made bad decision after bad decision. Not really understanding what I was really doing, due to the fact that I was young. Broken Heart Decisions have consequences. Every decision I ever made with a broken heart has led to disaster. I mean when you think about it, how can something positive come out of decision made when your heart is broken. I can relate it to a cake made with eggs, yet the chef accidentally dropped egg shells in the batter and didn't take them out. It wasn't intentional, yet at the end of the baking process the egg shells cause a crunch that is unexpected and really unwanted. I'm simply going to be honest with you, I have made cakes with egg shells. Sometimes I knew the shells were in the batter and simply didn't care and other times I was so blinded by my pain that I didn't even see the egg shells go into the batter. There's healing for a Broken Heart! As single mom's we have to pay close attention to the state of our hearts. Ladies we must remember that our babies are watching our every move. I always say, "that my daughters will do what I do, rather they see me do it or not! It's simply in the blood!" A prime example is when my youngest daughter walks through the house making this beep bop sound.