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Introduction Seeker of health through whole foods that are free of pesticides and chemicals, organic supplementation, movement, and holistic advice. The right food can be a powerful medicine. In my over 10 year search for health, I have finally been awakened to what healthy, nutrient dense, food really is and maybe more importantly, what it is not. I try to evaluate mainstream health information fully now. I think we have been unknowing participants in an experiment of unfounded and unsupported advice for a low-fat, grain based, processed, refined oils, genetically engineered, toxic, foods diet, that has gone terribly wrong. Science does not support this advice and worse, never did.
Interests Keeping the planet clean and healthy for our future generations. Green and toxic free cleaning products. Promoting healthy and pesticide free foods. Yoga wasn't easy for me to do it in the beginning but I now realize keeping the joints flexible and improving balance is crucial for longevity and a quality of life to move easily as we age.
Favorite Movies Field of Dreams, Far and Away, City Slickers II, Sherlock Holmes.