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Occupation veterinarian
Location San Francisco, California
Introduction Raised in Amherst, Mass. Moved to San Fran 6 years ago. Love both places. Practicing veterinarian for 8 years, working primarily in traditional cat and dog practice. (A sub-par stint as a rock shiner at age six was surpassed by a knack for doctoring the neighborhood pets). Lifelong interest in travel and wildlife conservation. Specific focus at present is developing a professional network aimed at better preparing and integrating veterinarians and veterinary nurses into the merging fields of conservation medicine, human and ecosystem health. Met a dashing architect two years ago. Decided to elope with the dashing architect on 12/28/05 in Tulum, Mexico. Self-defined urbanite with a love of open land and bitter taste for the suburbs. Like to surround myself with an eclectic group of friends. Dog sidekick, "Pilar," a native of Puerto Rico and master lounger. In house senior citizen, "Toad", the cat, who moves to the beat of a different drummer.