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Gender Male
Industry Student
Occupation Formando em Psicologia / Mestrando em Psicologia
Location Uberlândia, MG, Brazil
Introduction Psicólogo, Mestre em Filosofia, Graduando em Filosofia (UFU).
Interests Filosofia Teologia Psicologia
Favorite Movies Alice no país das maravilhas, Alice através do espelho, Titanic, Harry Potter.
Favorite Music The Greatest (Sia ); Never give up (Sia); I'm still here (Sia); Unstoppable (Sia); Rise (Katy Perry);I go to sleep (Sia); 11 minutes (yungblud); Blackest day (Lana del Rey);California(Lana del Rey); Listen before I go (Billie Eilish); Bring me to life (Evanescense); Breath me (Sia); Born to die (Lana del Rey); Skyfall (Adele); I'm in here (Sia); Alive (Sia); Bird set free (Sia); Eye of Needle (Sia); Idontwannabeyouanymore (Billie Eilish); Ilomilo (Billie Eilish); Angel by the wings (Sia); Roar (Katy Perry); Dressed in black (Sia); Rainball (Sia); Diamonds (Riahna); Burn the pages (Sia); Don't look back (The Korgis); I love you (Billie Eilish); Love (Lana del Rey); Dark Paradise (Lana del Rey); Brooklin Baby (Lana del Rey); Religion (Lana del Rey); West Coast (Lana del Rey); Elastic Heart (Sia); House on fire (Sia); Broken Glass (Sia); Wreacking ball (Cyrus); Videogames (Lana del Rey); 13 beachs (Lana del Rey); Nathional Athem (Lana del Rey); Summertime sadness (Lana del Rey); Cianamon girl (Lana del Rey); My boy (Billie Eilish); Love on the brain (Riahna); I don't want to talk about it (Rod Stewart); Is this happiness? (Lana del Rey); Happiness is a butterfly (Lana del Rey); Ultraviolence (Lana del Rey); When the party is over (Billie Eilish); Lovely (Billie Eilish); The Scientist (Cold Play); Ride (Lana del Rey); Blue Jeans (Lana); Rolling in the deep (Adele); Sad girl (Lana del Rey); Lust for life (Lana del Rey); Shades of cool (Lana del Rey); Without me (Halsey); Nightmare (Halsey); Control (Halsey); Losing my religion (REM); Bury a friend (Billie Eilish); Love the way you lie (Riahna); Serial Killer (Lana del Rey)
Favorite Books Bíblia Encarnação - Michel Henry Ser e Tempo - Heidegger, Teologia Sistemática - Paul Tillich