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Gender MALE
Industry Military
Occupation Retired
Location Dearborn (East End), Michigan, United States
Introduction A Gaelic song An-t-Ull summarizes my view of life. Be grateful for what we have, because it might not long be with us so treasure it, as we travel through life, and suggest others do the same. When you find yourself in a strange land among different people, great them with humility and good cheer; reserve hostility and violence for those who greet you with same. Your honor, your "word", is a most important commodity in the world ... always keep it if you can. Others un-like you may not grasp much about you, but they will notice that. If they are incapable of returning the honor, you will have at least tried. Many wars could have been avoided but for the liars causing them. BTW: A psycho liberal critic on a blog I used to visit thinks I lick my privy parts. Me, I think he's mostly jealous. ":-))
Interests Dogs and Horses. On 05 Feb 2013 the beautiful dog in my avatar passed away suddenly. Of all our dogs over the years, "Ari" was the prince among them, brave and gentle together, your friend if you'd let him be, and a happy companion anywhere. Ari's boundless energy companion "Dera" is now queen of this roost, and has finally made friends with the cat, "NitWit."

You've got to make contact with the alien leader. How will you tell when the conversation is finished?

When the movie ends.