Little Fish

About me

Location New York, NY
Introduction 32 years old; Single; Jewish; Jersey Girl; Liberal; Proud to be a Democrat; Love to cook, love to eat, love great restaurants; Think cheese is the greatest thing ever invented; Insane Red Sox fan- have been since I was 4 years old, even though I grew up in Jersey; Embarrassed to be a Knicks fan; Slightly less embarrassed to be a NY Rangers and Jets fan; Love to read, Broadway musicals, Counting Crows, Christina Aguilera, Nat King Cole, LOST, and Ugly Betty; Deathly afraid of insects, deep water and Hillary Duff; Think my friends and family are the best anyone could have; Used to live in (and still love) Providence, RI, Boston, MA and Copenhagen, Denmark; Obsessed with all things Danish; Truly believe New York is the greatest city in the world; Believe in God, but respect those who don't- to each his own; A little "new-agey"; Love clothes- especially skirts and dresses- will always take them over pants; Hate coffee, but love coffee ice cream; Work for a non-profit; Have no doubt that people can change the world; Collect clutch purses; Allergic to everything; My Mom is my best friend