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Gender MALE
Industry Engineering
Occupation Microfabrication Process Engineer
Introduction MICROFAB ENGINEER - CMU '82 - Innovative & Pragmatic. Expert in fixing ANY microfab process problem - limiting yield or performance or R&D. Methodical expedient 6-Sigma focus in problem solving. A consistent track record, with notable yield & microfabrication process improvements for over 27years. Prepares with substantive literature and IP research when appropriate. Example Case - ID'ing root cause & fix to a 3yr old wafer fab IC part in volume production, after IDing cause & fix to -20% fab-wide crash. After IDing low yield cause in 2hrs, tripled IC part’s fab yield in 2mos. Additionally enjoys device/ process inventing & R&D. Veteran of Intel Fab3 '386, Mitel CMOS, Natl Semi Eprom/EE, Cray 3 GaAs, Motorola MOS 8, IC Sensors, Applied Materials/ ETEC Ebeam Litho & Digital Instruments NanoProbes. Expert in Nano and Microfab processes (thin films, etch & Litho), Process / Device Flow Integration & numerous analytical techniques for F/A, notably AFM, SEM, FIB etc.. Competent in numerous novel instrumentation techniques.
Interests microfabricated and nanotechnology device innovations that result in advancements with commercial device and application significance. .....................
Favorite Movies Good Nite & Good Luck, Syriana, Anything Mel Brooks esp. Blazing Saddles, Anything Woody Allen, Earth Girls Are Easy, Whole Nine Yards, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dances With Wolves, Its a Wonderful Life, ALL Star Wars, Indiana Jones SERIES, Terminator SERIES, Casablanca, The Graduate, 2001 A Space Oddessy
Favorite Music Chopin(esp Nocturnes), Beethoven, Bach, Zappa, Miles Davis, The Who, Roy Orbison, Joan Armatrading, Dave Brubeck Quartet, Bonnie Raitt
Favorite Books Laser The Inventor & 30yr Patent War, Atlas Shrugged, Rosalind Franklin Dark Lady of DNA, Soul of a New Machine, JJAP, APL, JECS, Sensors& Actuators, IEEE MEMS, CA-800 Users Manual, Theses:, Minne, Albrecht, Tortonese, Wilder, Terry, Jerman, Keller, Thin Solid Films, Thin Film Processes, Art of Electronics, The Man Behind the Microchip, Dummies Guide to Feign Membership in MENSA (ha?)

Foxes are clever and tigers are cunning. So, what's your cat's safety school?

Gordon Gould's Hard Knock School of Laser Patenting (sic). GG persisted for ~20yrs to gain royalties, despite beating Townes and Schawlow.