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Occupation Student, Feminist, Harasser
Location Somewhere in the MidWest, United States
Introduction (You were wondering about the name, right?) But this is what I am, and why. I talk, think, worry, argue, debate, and when I'm not doin' that it's cause I'm having teh sex. No, really. I'm a kinky, purple haired, bitchy, proudly bisexual femme feminist with a butch partner. I like lip gloss, knives, and books. Anything else is not terribly relevant and is given to change anyway. This blog contains my opinions, which I try to make as factual and based on logic as possible. So read my stuff and comment, it's good for you!
Note: this blog is for feminists and allies. Trolls and douchebags will be ejected without a trial OR the right to an attorney. Seriously, don't be a dick. It's not that hard.
Interests Music, singing, writing, avoiding boredom, sex, D/s, reading, Douglas Adams, Joss Whedon, Jhonen Vasquez, webcomics (I love Questionable Content), sleeping, absurdity, cartoons, critiquing, etymology and languages, art, music, films and theater (doing, viewing, or reviewing), new experiences, Foamy the Squirrel, karaoke and singing, dance (though I'm better at watching than doing), RPG's sometimes, kitties!, animal care, and being so wicked I get no rest. Cause there's no... aw, forget it.

Does 7Up seem vaguely suspicious to anyone else? 7 up what, exactly?