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Industry Arts
Occupation Archaeologist, Craftsperson and Writer
Location Australia
Introduction I am a scholar of ancient religions and have recently completed a PhD on tree worship in Late Bronze Age Crete, Cyprus, the Levant and Egypt.
Interests Caroline is interested in the pre-Christian religions of the ancient Mediterranean, the demonisation of the Pagan gods after the rise of Christianity, and their re-appearance in modern mystery religions such as Witchcraft, Neo-Paganism and Ceremonial Magick. A fervid article-writer, Caroline has been published in many international Pagan publications and for six years was a feature writer and reviewer for Australia's 'Witchcraft Magazine'. Caroline has also contributed chapters to several anthologies including 'Practising the Witch's Craft' by Douglas Ezzy (ed.) (Allen and Unwin 2003); 'Pop! Goes the Witch' by Fiona Horne (ed.) (Disinformation 2004); 'Celebrating the Pagan Soul' by Laura Wildman (ed.) (Citadel Press 2005); 'Green Egg Omelette' by Oberon Zell (ed.) (New Page Books 2008); and 'Priestesses, Pythonesses and Sibyls' by Sorita D'Este (ed.) (Avalonia. 2008). In 2009 Caroline contributed a chapter, ‘Samuel Liddell Macgregor Mathers and Isis’ to 'Ten Years of Triumph of the Moon' by Dave Evans and Dave Green (eds.) (Hidden Publications, 2009); and another chapter, ‘Florence and the Mummy’ to 'Women’s Voices in Magic' by Brandy Williams (ed.) (Megalithica Books, 2009) - and other publications not included in this profile.