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Gender MALE
Occupation Common Laborer
Location Portland, Oregon, United States
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Likes to drink a lot. Enjoys air conditioned rooms.


Corpse On Pumpkin
P.O. Box 18237
Portland, OR 97213

Interests 35mm film, able bodies, accidental cash finds, ailments, alain whyte, alcohol, anemia, art exhibits, band-aids, bank robberies, baphomet, bars, bent out of shape, body structures, books, botched jobs, boz boorer, break-up songs, broken promises, button-up shirts, cameras, capillaries, church halls, clean clothes, cold medicine, crying in restaurants, dance halls, decent days, donation boxes, doubt, drinking, drunk co-workers, emphysema, extramarital affairs, fine art, flowers, flying Dutchmen, forgiveness, free drinks, free food, frightening encounters, gary day, get out of here, girl bones, good lighting, good manners, green clothes, green eyes, grief, happy hour, heart disease, hospitals, hotels, hugs, hymns, insects, inverted crosses, invitations to spend the night, jailbreaks, ladies and gentlemen who dress well without letting their wallets do all the talking, kisses, koala bears, libraries, liquor cabinets, long dresses, lounges, machinations, massacres, medicine, missing teeth, museums, nobodies, not waking up feeling like it's the end of the world, nudity, occult, ouija boards, overcast days, pea coats, pentagrams, personal problems, pharmaceuticals, photography, poltergeists, portraiture, quiet conversation, rain, remorse, rum, ruptures, scars, silence, skin conditions, short skirts, sleeping on the couch, smiles, smooth ligaments, snow, Sparks (the drink), spencer cobrin, spiders, spinal columns, split the bill, suits and ties, sunlit houses, the 1950s, the human body, tough decisions, travel, visiting hours, water lilies, well-dressed friends, white noise, writing