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Introduction I'm just an average, over-weight guy who likes teaching and learning; loves my God, adores my Gals - wife and daughter, enjoys anything and everything about Guns, and is trying to eat less and more healthy Grub. I'm currently a professor, former police officer (just a regular one, no SWAT or secret squirrel experience), NRA Training Counselor and Instructor, 4H Shooting Sports Instructor and Advisor. I also love photography (it's just shooting with a different tool) and enjoy motorcycling, my dogs, working in the barn, fixing things, amateur gunsmithing, church, friends, and a permanent shooting range with a covered, concrete shooting line so I can shoot whenever the urge hits me. Disclaimer: any products reviewed on this blog were purchased, borrowed, or obtained by me and no compensation has been provided for any reviews. You can contact me via email at: godgalsgunsgrub (at) gmail (dot) com