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Industry Environment
Occupation Miner
Location Ionian City, IO, Jupiter, U.S. Outlying Islands
Introduction Used to live there with you guys, now I live here. Theres no air, we have tanks. There is no water, we have IVs. There is no food, we have feeding tubes. There is no pickaxe, we have drills. There is no love, we have ....hands.
Interests I mine on IO for the ionian goverment, i ship ionian ore back to the planet. I am not technically allowed to tell anyone but since nobody would believe it anyways, I can. I'd rather be there though. Lucky!!!
Favorite Movies The one where I smuggle myself onto a rocket back home.
Favorite Music The one the rocket seems to play as it takes off for Earth.
Favorite Books The how to smuggle yourself onto a security class stealth cargo rocket manual.

The wicked backspin caught you off guard. How will you play it off without losing your footing?

Anyone going to Earth: can I get a ride home with you, i'd sure like to go there again? And to answer that question: exactly!!