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Gender MALE
Occupation Writer, researcher, analyst, concerned citizen
Location Los Angeles, CA
Introduction My name is Sean M. Kennedy. I'm a writer, researcher, analyst and concerned citizen. The Independent Report is dedicated to an analysis of the unsustainability of our economic system. I report on current economic events, including: the Federal Reserve, the Big Banks, interest rates, inflation, unemployment, wages/incomes, housing, federal spending, budget deficits, the national debt, the bond and stock markets, energy and resources. I view myself as post-partisan, and this site is not motivated by politics or ideology. Both parties are part of the same political structure and feed from the same corporate troughs. We have become a Corporatocracy. I have been a lifelong, registered Independent — hence the name of this site. My goal is to inform, persuade and compel people about the various crises that we face as a nation. It is my hope to provoke some modicum of thought and awareness.