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Gender MALE
Industry Marketing
Location Philadelphia, PA, United States
Introduction The Man-Cave is my pimped out basement, command center and the only room in my house in which I rule total domain! My lovely blogger wife recommended that I start doing something useful from the confounds of my Man Cave due to my colorful commentary on my travel experiences, love for films, addiction to video games, and devotion to sports. I enjoy a buffet of many topics in life, so my writing is never saturated on one just one thing. I have undiagnosed ADD, so my mind is always racing and that brain activity runs the "machine" of the this blog! Just like my tagline states: you never know what you'll find here. Think IGN-Lite except without IGN's writing staff manpower or hidden agenda in their annoying advertising pages when you try to read their reviews. You get those lousy ass "Skip Advertisement" tabs. Do you want to "Skip Advertisement?" - of course I want to skip your f'n advertisement! If I wanted to buy something, I would have went to Amazon, not read your review site. Yes "skip advertisement". Always "skip advertisement!" Still with me? Peace out...and leave a comment. Think I am doing this for my health? Well I am actually, but you don't need to know that.
Interests horror films and films in general, chilling out with my wife, hanging out with friends, sports, comedy, music, pop culture, video games, women, writing, traveling, alcohol.
Favorite Movies Horror genre is my favorite, but there are other films I enjoy as well. Evil Dead trilogy, Jaws, Zombie movies especially Dawn of the Dead and Return of the Living Dead, They Live, Friday the 13th series (fav - Part 6), A Nightmare on Elm Street series (fav - part 4), Waiting, Bachelor Party, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Star Wars series (sans Phantom Menace). I need to stop! This could on forever. I like a great deal of films but these are some that come off the top of my head.
Favorite Music I pretty much like anything if it sounds good to me. But if I had to narrow it down, I would say classic rock (especially Pink Floyd) and rock in general. Some metal too. Wow how vague was that?
Favorite Books Meg series, autobiographies, horror novels. It really depends on my mood.