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Industry Biotech
Occupation Self-transformational Alchemist
Location SW, Montana, United States
Introduction So, what the hell is Kynni-chemy anyway? Kynni-Chemy is the alchemy I apply to myself, Kyndra (Kynni). And as you may know alchemy is the ancient pursuit of changing lead into gold; transformation. I am in the process of transforming myself into someone a little more, someone who feels whole and complete, and in a sense, golden. So who is Kyndra? Well I'm a lifetime TS who is late to bloom. I spent my entire life cowering, timid and afraid and have finally decided after nearly 40yrs. that it is time to finally be me, or at least as much of me as I can achieve. The little girl that was always me, who had to reside for decades only in my mind as if she were confined to a dank dungeon for crimes unknown, behind an iron door well guarded by society's theocon vanguards, is finally free now. The door has rusted off it's hinges and fallen open, it's guards aged and irrelevant no longer have the power to keep me from skipping out into the light! And that golden light of freedom of self is where I intend to dwell from now on.
Interests Ya know, whirled peas, crave the snails, pita, and all that joyful equine excrement.
Favorite Movies Apocalypse Now, River's Edge, Rumble Fish, Blue Velvet, well I guess anything with Dennis Hopper in it!
Favorite Music Zydeco yheti mating calls.
Favorite Books McElligot's Pool by T. Geisel, Methods of Quantum Field Theory in Statistical Physics by A. A. Abrikosov, The Cowboy and the Vampire by C. Hays and K. McFall