Our Youth

About me

Occupation Naughty girl/ shady character/ time waster / kid your parents always warned you about
Location London, Interzone, Magic Kingdom, Daydream Nation, Alphabet Town, Suffragette City, Outside of Society, United Kingdom
Introduction ''What we have here is a dreamer, someone completely out of touch with reality.'' I like books, whisky and travelling. I'm nice. PS.: If you took one of the photos or more I posted, please let me know and I will give you credit or will remove them. Lots of love x
Interests getting depressed, getting drunk, reading books, film fan, spending money i don't have, travelling, kissing boys, and girls, music, escapism, london, the world, more books, more music, 20 something, hedonism, diet coke, cigarettes and champagne, nihilstic youth, politics, history, punk, photography, philosophy, fashion, mescaline, no sleep, bedroom dancing, pogo, summer, nature, live bands, pubs, weed, chunky rings, brushing my hair, befriending strangers, eccentrics, friendly people, velvet, lingerie, drugs are bad for you, vintage, new clothes, more books, holden caulfield, sal paradise, gabi delgado, david bowie, holding hands, street drinking, hedonism, humanity, sad boys, new york, paris, berlin, copenhagen, stockholm, squats, dogs, disappear here, festivals, languages, oh man, i'm really into languages, flowers, gregory corso, river phoenix, wild hearts can't be broken, the pains of being pure at heart - literally, acid, rooftops, 2 deep 4 u, melancholy, cold wave, dark wave, post punk, 60's, 80's, rap (not the rank shit you listen to though), hippies, dandies, existentialism, oscar wilde, buk, jack's broken heart, james dean, coney island, food, bus rides, wasting my time on the internet, parks, museums, art galleries, hank chinaski, the smiths, the perks of being a wallflower, 420, poems, flowers, sarcasm, love