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Introduction My name is Paul Astin. I am a writer, musician, educator, activist, husband, and father. I try not to take myself too seriously, which is serious business. I have a Bachelor's degree in Prehistoric Studies from Colgate University, a Master's degree in Latin American Studies from UCLA, and a Doctorate in Education, also from UCLA. I am currently writing a book about adolescent development, rites of passage, and environmental consciousness. This blog will compile my writings from a broad range of interests that generally consume me. I strongly believe that the entrenchment of disciplines, the myopic tendency among academics to view their area of knowledge as supreme, is simply a worn out way to move culture forward. I will therefore be posting my writings with the hope that I can cross-fertilize some thoughts and ideas from an array of disciplines. Surely I will open myself to criticism from specialists who see the gaps in my knowledge, but so be it. I would rather appear as a jack-of-all-trades and expert at none, than as a snooty old scholar with pretentious disciplinary blinders. Are you taking me seriously yet?
Interests Prehistory, wild nature immersion, musicology, jazz improvisation, cosmology, ethnography, barefoot running, jazz piano, rebetika music, rembetika music, interdisciplinarity, public school reform, parenting, mythopoeic thought, evolutionary psychology, modern Greek history, evolutionary biology, groovology, Paul Shepard, Thomas Berry, Bill Plotkin, Michael Meade, Markos Vamvakaris, Rites of Passage, Anthropology, and a number of other seemingly disjointed things...