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Gender MALE
Industry Investment Banking
Occupation Customer Service CitiBank
Location Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Introduction "I've nothing much 2 say.Just a normal homo sapien seeking for good friends. Haha.. Anyone out there with such qualities?? Pls message me immediately. Dun Worry! I will respond 2 U no matter who u r! I'm actually very nice and I make friends easily unless you have a problem, which wouldn't be my fault. I talk a lot so it won't take U long 2 figure me out, although I might be a little shy at first. I have a thing for accents, I answer most questions and definetly don't bite strangers so ask whatever you'd like 2 know cause this about me doesn't say much. I like 2 think of myself as wide minded person. if there is an option to choose frm, everyone would pick up the best of qualities, wont they?! And so do i.
Interests i would like to meet a person who is the character that can match with me. i, m looking for a person that can be my 'My Long Lasting friend'(crappps.....) and also the character of the person which is playful, caring, responsibility, like sociAL, love, and also of course be frens forever, Anyone with Brain n heart, Please. People with good attitudes are mostly welcome. add me in ur friendster list [ green_peace18@yahoo.com ]and my number is 012-3541101 Bye Bye. Have a good day ahead. Wish you all the best my dear buddies.
Favorite Movies ~"Devdas, the Phantom Of Opera and thrill movies..!!!!"~
Favorite Music ~"i listen to all type of music as long as its not ear paining rock"~
Favorite Books ~"Ancient histories, Brontee collection & anything tat interest me"~

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

"SAY IT FAST!!! ~ how would a wood chuck would chuck wood if a wood chuck could chuck wood? ~"