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Gender MALE
Industry Student
Location Pensacola, Fl
Introduction I have a mysapce for all the general stuff so I am just going to skip it. I also have a blog. My writing is not the elusive fingerprint left by an otherise careful criminal on the underside of a light switch before leaving a room. Nor is it 3% of DNA that seperates me from a monkey. It is, however, there. And it is a far greater indication of who I am and what I am about than this text box can ever hope to be.
Interests lit theory, movies, video games, fetishes, rpg witting, rpg theory, economics, politics, postmodernism, bringing down postmodernism, art, calligraphy, philosphy, warhammer, music, love, life, bubbles, rubber duckies, new things
Favorite Movies Pistol Opera, Visitor Q, Tokyo Godfathers, The Godfather Trilogy, Bringing Out the Dead, Fargo, The Man Who Wasn't There, The Ref, War Inc, Lord of War, Way of the Gun, Brick, Muholland Drive, The Night Porter, Quills, Sweet Movie, Gummo, Julian-Donkey Boy, Happiness, Begotten, Piano Tuner of Earthquakes, Fitzgeraldo, Deathrace 2000, Yakuza Papers, GhostBusters, Wizards, Meet Joe Black, Serendipity, Amilie and...okay look you wanna ice breaker talk about movies with me
Favorite Music Someone once said that making a mix cd for me is like shooting fish in a barrel. I really do like almost anything. Someone else once said to me, "Here this is annoying you will like it" It was Joanna Newsome and I love her very much. I also like Tori Amos.
Favorite Books You know what? I r english major who actually wants to be an english major instead of one of those assholes who don't know what to do with their life so they just take up space in the english department. They are a passion to me which isn't easy to rival. I care about books to much to list them off like meat in the name of you seeking common interests with me.

Can you sway them with the passion in your eyes alone?