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Location PA, United States
Introduction I've lived my life in many places, but not in the physical sense. I've been there emotionally, and done that. There's been so much sadness in my life that I'd think I had 9 lives, each rebirthing setting aside all the pain that was left there before. But unlike reincarnation, that I can't say I believe or don't believe, the pain is still etched somewhere deep, deep down where I can only tap into it, when there is great loss of emotion in my heart. Through all this I still feel blessed, because I know this isn't the worst of anything. I'm dealing with all the cards I've been dealt, playing my hand, and grabbing every token I can to cash in, because you never know when this gamble we call life, is gonna leave you bankrupt for good. I can laugh and smile through everything, love and laugh through everything. Who knew my heart was so heavy? I choose to carry it alone. I plan on spreading happiness and love all over the world.
Interests Everything. I want to learn everything, experience everything, and spread my arms as far as they can possibly go.