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Occupation retired registered nurse
Location Hurricane, West Virginia, US, United States
Introduction originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma i recently moved to WV. I am native american within the creek and cherokee tribes. the first quilt i received was from a group of my grandmothers friends. i have a neverending interest to try a project that reflects my heritage but I procrastinate and become OCD. I love modern/all quilting and occasionally sewing other items...clothing, bags, toys for my grandchildren. I began learning to quilt in 2009? It was when the modern quilters movement began. How far we have come!
Interests family, my dog Zoe, sewing, quilting, Dave Matthews Band, running 5-10k, Native American rights, photography, reading, cooking, gardening, decorating, summertime, warm weather, beaches, friends, mindfulness and spirituality
Favorite Movies Classics like WOOZ and Hitchcock but if I had to choose favorites it would probably be Quentin Tarintino or Tom Hanks flicks.
Favorite Music DMB....ALL THE TIME.
Favorite Books I am currently impatiently waiting for the release of the third in the "Kingkiller Chronicles." I have reread the first two many times. There are too many more to list.

You've been entered in a shadow puppet contest. What's your best pose?

a female form