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Industry Student
Occupation Sales Advisor
Location S'boro, N Y, United Kingdom
Introduction Well my name's Annika born in Denmark in 1989, english parrents so im british. Im currently studying accountancy to become a charted accountant it sounds boring but its not its kinda fun!
Interests Fashion, technology, makeup, singing, dancing, computers, music, films, media in general, psychology, games-ps3, wii ect, thats it really and of course my family and friends intrest me but i dont think that counts as an intrest lol
Favorite Movies O M G i have like so many! Fast & the Furious trilogy, dancing films such as step up 1&2, stomp the yard, honey, you got served, bring it on trilogy, rush hour trilogy (god i like alot of trilogys lol) theres so many it would take all day...
Favorite Music erm same for music i lovvve music i'll make it short: pop, hip hop, rock, r&B, rap, bit of techno not alot though
Favorite Books ALL BOOKS BY KATIE PRICE: Angle, cystal and her biographys

Try making up the rules to a game where you tie knots in a yo-yo string just to see if you can get them out:

random question hmm: why is there only 10 hotdog buns but 12 hotdogs in packs?! (i think thats the right amounts lol)