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Introduction First game was Star Frontiers Knight Hawks. After playing the board game portion my friends and I pieced together a basic understanding of RPGs from the Knight Hawks role-playing supplement and the AD&D Monster Manual. Funny how long we "played" with no proper rules, just making up stories. We were hooked and with jobs bought and played Marvel Superheroes, Gamma World, AD&D, Call of Cthulhu... the list goes on. We discovered tabletop/miniature wargaming through Rogue Trader and Star Fleet Battles. I stopped gaming after going away to college, but last year I suddenly got the bug again. It's all solo for me, but the blogging community makes me feel like I'm with my old buddies again. My scratchbuilding inspiration comes from 1970s science fiction book cover art and comics. I haven't read a comic book in 10 years, but am fascinated with their production still.
Interests scratchbuilding, games design