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Occupation Care giver
Location California, United States
Introduction Welcome to my world! This is a blog to share my thoughts and life with those who I love, those I miss, and those nearby. It may not always be interesting, but I can promise it will always be about me! Sometimes we say "it's not all about you!" to someone and it comes in handy many a time. We all need to be reminded at times that there is more to life than what is happening with us. To share our gifts and love with others. To be mindful of how fragile we all are and to be kind when we don't understand why. With that said, we also all need an vent, to laugh, and to just be plain silly. A place we can go where it really is all about you. After all, we are each important to somebody, and we should mean a lot to ourselves as well. We are precious.
Interests Fibromyalgia, Rocks, minerals, Hair bow making, animals, Egoscue Method, organic and local living, exercise and health, ice cream, Earth, making and eating Food (of all sorts), laughing, massage, beer, Vietnamese, vegan and vegetarian foods, Tennis
Favorite Movies The Bourne movies, Catch me if you can, 27 Dresses, What about Bob?, Baby Mama, Two Weeks Notice, Food Inc., Guilt Trip
Favorite Music The Black Keys, Coldplay, Billy Idol, Florence + The Machine, Gwen Stefani, The Lumineers, Poison, The xx, The Killers, Jack Johnson, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Imagine Dragons, Beck
Favorite Books Rich Woman, Health books, 52 Loaves, cooking books, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Always Looking Up, the YOU books