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Gender Female
Industry Consulting
Occupation Writer and Poet
Location Country New South Wales, Australia
Introduction I believe in:*love,kindness,generosity,integrity,compassion,authenticity, courage,decency,honesty,respect,dignity*truth,honour,nobility,accepting reality,choosing happiness*conscious living,science,reason&rationale,karma,humanity*excellence not perfection*adventure*having fun&laughter,even when it seems impossible&needed most*education,creativity,imagination,being inspired&inspiring others*nothing being impossible*It might highly improbable,highly unlikely but never impossible*challenging myself*the power of making good decisions,wise choices*committing&making dreams come true,never impossible.I believe that:*there is a solution to every problem,no matter how seemingly impossible*every obstacle can be overcome,no matter how great is seems*every challenge can be beaten,no matter how terrifying or daunting*pushing through fear,never easy*real friendship&relationships;all or nothing*life can be good every,single day no matter how terrible*when we have the appropriate&necessary skills,we can each succeed in life.I don’t believe in shouldn't,couldn't or regret or putting limitations on myself or accepting anyone else’s.
Interests Music, Film, Reading, Literature, Theatre, TV, Travelling, Adventure, Fashion, History, Science, Art, Architecture, Language, Nature and People...
Favorite Movies It depends, on how I feel, there are so many wonderful and diverse films, old and new, from around the World, that I love. So many that have left their mark upon me. So many genres with each appealing to a different part of my personality. I kinda suck at choosing absolute favourites. Maybe because I don't believe that life works in absolutes
Favorite Music Music is my life blood. Always has been. Wouldn't survive a day without it. I love just about all music. I grew up listening to Rock n' Roll, Pop, Disco, Country and Western, Opera, Classical, everything. Anything that makes me happy, is fun, makes me want to dance and/or touches my heart and/or soul. So much wonderful music has become a part of me. It depends on how I feel. I love Jon Bon Jovi and have since Bon Jovi burst onto the music scene when I was but a girl. Their music has kept me going when I've needed it most. Bon Jovi is my favourite band but there are so many up close to them, mixed genres. Schrodie and I dance, every day we can and we have our staple songs but add new ones all the time. He comes running to me when he hears them. We have our songs, our anthems. When I exercise I have my staples but mix them up depending on how I feel and what I need, how I want to feel.
Favorite Books Literature and books are one of my languages. I was taught to love books as an infant and will never outgrow this love. I read anything that sparks my interests. Classics, new, old. Biographies, Autobiographies, Memoirs, Philosophy, Mythology, New Age, Metaphysics, Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Award Winning Books, Science Books, Art Books, Architecture Books so much more. It depends on how I feel. It depends on which cover or title catches my eye. Often I am reading several books at a time, mixed genres. Poetry and Prose. Wouldn't be fair to pick a favourite. There are too many that I love. So many more to discover. Not good at choosing favourites, they are changeable.