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Gender Female
Location Not Brisbane Anymore, No sirree
Introduction Hi! My name’s Oanh and I blog (not frequently, but with an acceptable degree of regularity) over at here. I used to blog here and I'm reviving the profile so I can comment on Blogger's blogs. I suspect you want to know how to pronounce my name? It’s pronounced “wun”, kind of like the number one if you have an Australian accent. The words Oanh, one and won are all homophones. And if they’re not when you say them, well, I really cannot help you. Sorry. I have one of those blogs. You know the ones. I cannot say what it is about, as such, because it lacks a coherent theme. The only coherent theme is that the blog is written by me. You will learn about me when you read my blog. I also tweet, should reading a blog be too great a commitment. My twitter handle is @oanh_1. In short: books, ooh look! a pretty flower, sewing, worms, books, other stuff that takes my fancy, ooh! pretty flowers!

What reason do you have to believe the earth is flat?

An infallible sense of my own spatial relationship to my surroundings.