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Introduction I'm a bi, poly kinky, eco-concious feminist tradeswoman. I believe that kink can be empowering, that love is love it doesn't matter the gender or how many, that we need to start taking better care of the world and we need to challenge the sexism in our culture. I practice poly with a few special people and play with a quite a few others. I have been out as bi for a good 10 years, so no it's not a "phase". I have been exploring my kinky side for a while now and have recently gotten really involved in the community and a group that facilitates safe and consensual events in my area. I am in no way the model of sustainable living, but I am working towards it. I do things like bike to work, buy local and organic when I can and use cloth grocery bags. I am a woman in trades, I challenge assumptions about women on a daily basis from my employer, my suppliers and my customers. I hope I have made a difference.