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Introduction I have been providing financial commentary since 2006 via Futronomics and other financial websites such as I am completely self-educated in the fields of finance and economics. I attribute this self-education as cause for continued speculative success in one of the most difficult market environments in history. Unconstrained by classical industry dogmas, I have equipped myself with analytical processes capable of understanding today's market fluctuations and continue to prepare for tomorrow's. I am, however, working toward several professional accreditations. I adhere in principal - but not religiously - to several alternative interpretations of economic causation. Austrian Business Cycle Theory has been an area of intensive study for a number of years. Separately, I find Socionomic and Generational Theories to be most instructive in determining long-term social trends that invariably affect our markets. I have travelled extensively, visiting over 20 countries in 5 continents. Media Requests: Content on this site may be republished at will provided adequate credit be given to its respective source. For interviews or comments, please contact me via e-mail.