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Introduction First off, let's get one thing straight: I am not a professional cook. I simply love to cook and I do so all the time. I live with my husband and partner in healthy living, John. Together we grow an organic garden where we get many of the ingredients needed for my cooking. When the garden is not in season, or doesn't have what I'm looking for, we shop at the local farmer's market and buy as many local ingredients that we can. We also like to pick most of our fruits at local farms in the summer. Living as organic and local as we can is not only good for our health, but our environment as well! I have two dogs, Griswold and Lola who are John and I's adopted children. They are partners in crime and LOVE to sneak scraps of food that have fallen to the floor in my cooking frenzy and therefore are officially banned from the kitchen during cooking times (no one wants dog hair in their food!). I am lactose intolerant so most of the foods I make do not contain dairy, however, I do cook with dairy on occasion as long as I have a lactose pill on hand!