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Introduction I'm just a broke college student who likes to cook. Because I have little space to store a lot of pans in and less money to buy them, this has often led to such things as cooking tacos in a cake pan set on a stove burner (it works, but it's damn tricky to hold in pace) and baking a cake in a saucepan (I didn't have a cake pan at the time). I'm sure you'll see a lot of amusing repurposing of implements and interesting ingredient substitutions as I keep going. I've loved to cook ever since I was able to wield a spoon and mess up a recipe. I hung around the kitchen when I was a kid so my mother made the brave decision to show me how. I really love desserts and have since I was very young- there's an embarrassing amount of photographs of me in a high chair with cake batter and a stupid grin on my face. So what do I do when I'm out of the kitchen? Well, I ride my bicycle a lot, and for very long distances. I also play the musical saw and the piano, and am attempting to learn the clarinet. Occasionally I play the saw on street corners in the area so I can actually make (a small amount of) money doing something I like. So that's me, more or less.