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Location Wasilla, Alaska
Introduction I have been owned by Shetlands and Shetland crosses since 1997. The first 4 arrived to assist my AKC Australian Cattle Dogs with learning herding maneuvers. I bred to registered Shetland rams to improve them and kept good ewe lambs back each year. I slowly built up my flock and now keep 40 or so year 'round. Recently we had the flock tested for OPP and Johne's diseases also and I'm happy to say all tested negative! WOOHOO!! My interest in registered Shetlands was always there. I bought a few each year. As my registered numbers grow, my unregistered sheep numbers will dwindle except for a few old favorites who will stay. I grew up around sheep in Michigan and have been around the big wool breeds for years, but the Shetland is a far superior breed with fantastic wool and small size as well as big personalities. They do very well in Alaska! In 2007 I flew up 8 spotted Shetland lambs for my breeding plans and new genetics in Alaska, and 2 more lambs in 2008. I really look forward to the future lambs to arrive here at Silveraurora! I'm also busy with a wonderful dairy goat herd as well, so occasionally you'll see some of my beauties on this blog too!