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Gender Male
Occupation Teacher
Location Acton, MA, United States
Introduction I am American, Jewish, musician, former playwright, writer, songwriter, lyric writer, mountain climbing and canoeing enthusiast, a husband and a father. Perhaps the last should be first. I am a liberal in the pure sense that I support what I consider to be liberal human rights values, such as freedoms of press, speech, religion, civil rights, woman's rights, gay rights, and the rights to vote. However, these values are often in conflict, such as when people might freely vote for a leader that will restrict certain citizens of other important human rights. In these situations there are no simple answers, and I believe that often both liberals and conservatives default to “herd” mentality – that is, to supporting the prevailing opinions of those in their respective camp without serious examination. I enjoy trying to provoke people to view events outside their particular ideological prism.
Interests Music, Lyrics, Politics, Civil Rights, Israel, Peak Performance, Ethics, Philosophy, Religion, Judaism
Favorite Movies My Cousin Vinnie, Field of Dreams, Frequency, The Man from Earth (not to be confused with "The Man Who Fell to Earth.")