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Introduction Seaton, Avey, Jackson, and Jacob are the loves of my life. I love to travel. I am confident and independent. I crave cacahuates picantes e itacates. Nothing makes me smile more than Christmas lights and fireworks. I sometimes dream in Spanish. My middle name is Lea (pronounced Lee), same as my Mom. One of the most thoughtful things a person can do is send a card and actually write in it. I love to watch lightening and listen to rain and thunder. I love sliding on hardwood floors. I am an early bird. Peonies are my favorite flower. I am a sucker for surprises. Meat and provolone make me sick. I am deathly afraid of earthworms. Costa Rica is my second home. Smarties work. I have a constellation on my back. I love crosswords and soduko. Good company is the best remedy to a crappy day. I’m a pen fanatic. I wave at everyone on the highway. I love the smell of lilacs. A back massage is always welcome. I have busted cats out of Leavenworth. I am an optimist. I quilt. And I'm moving from Manhattan, Kansas to Long Beach, California!
Interests travel, spanish, sewing, quilting, reading, cats