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Gender Male
Occupation Misunderstanderer
Location Northfield, Minnesota, United States
Introduction As always, the precious butterfly.
Interests The letters a-z, the other letters, some numbers, puppies, the extensive... use of ellipses..., blond-haired turtles and extortion thereof, Oprah and her ritualistic yet oddly non-barbaric beheading, people who love people and persons, that one thing that blew up, simpletons and more complex weights, cornucopias and cucucopias and franscisforducopias, other ucopias, bam!, pop!, and zipzam!, flagrant flag conflagrationistic consecrationist, playwriting, writing plays, acting, running
Favorite Movies That one with the guy who gets killed, That was awesome, That other one with the boobies, That was good too
Favorite Music punkf, olkpo, prockw, orldbe, atrap, cel, tic, jazzcla, ssicalin, dustri, almet, albiz, ar, reindie, outsi, derpsy, chede, lia
Favorite Books I can't read, books. I can't read books. I mean every once in a day, I pick one up. It's a heavy book. I read it, put it down, and walk away... It has beat me again.

What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?

Ah! The dread fox? Assemble team of bakery bureaucrats, discuss gain through bipartisan resolution. I would disguise myself in obfuscatory diplomacy.