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Location Arlington, Texas, United States
Introduction Hi! I am Kathryn Morrow from Arlington, Texas. I grew up Katy Nonnemacher from Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin (say that three times fast). My life in numbers: 45 years old; married 21 years; 2 kids ages 13 and 16; 3 dogs (my husband still can't believe it either); 3 older sisters; 2 younger step-sisters; 2 younger step-brothers; 15 years of creating anything from jewelry to scrapbooks; 4 years being a vendor at The Shoppes at Brownstone Village, 25 years as a Christian but thankful each day is a new day; 15 moves in 20 years. Wow, that is a lot of numbers, huh? Hopefully, you will get to know the girl behind the numbers as I learn this blogging thing!
Interests I am interested in running marathons, cooking vegetarian, reading self-help books along side romance novels. Wait, oh you mean my REAL interests? OK, the reality is I am interested in the thought of exercising but can't seem to actually do it. I am a horrible cook but know my family needs to eat so I try. I read my Bible when I can (wish I could say every day but that would be a lie and who wants to get caught in a lie about reading their Bible?). I love being team mom to my son's baseball or football team. I adore being a substitute teacher at my kid's school but am branching out and starting to sub at the local public schools in a few weeks and will let you know how that works as I have always subbed at a private school. I look forward to that adventure! I try (and fail miserably at times) to be an encouraging and supportive wife to my husband. I love taking my kids and their friends places last minute. Recently, I took my son and two of his friends to Fort Worth for the night and we swam and ate Five Guys Burgers and Fries for lunch and In-N-Out Burger for dinner (that is what you do with junior high boys). Then we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. I love hanging with my daugther and her friends and taking them on road trips like New Orleans, Austin, Oklahoma, Dallas, etc. Good thing for me they still need a chaperone at 16 as they are awesome girls. I so enjoy being creative so I do things from scrapbooking to decorating to baking (I didn't say I hated baking...just cooking). I am the one who is willing to jump on the bandwagon and try anything once. I have a small boutique within a larger boutique at The Shoppes at Brownstone Village and honestly could spend more time there. Currently, I am a Heidi Swapp retailer because I love love love the memory file concept and not only want to spread the real gospel of the Bible to everyone but want to spread the word that memory files rock and are so incredibly fun.
Favorite Movies The Quiet Man, Gigi, Breakfast at Tiffanys, My Fair Lady, The Lion in Winter, The Notebook
Favorite Music Whatever my kids are listening to in the car
Favorite Books Bible, The Five Love Languages (must read for everyone), Who Moved my Cheese (incredible fast read), any Karen Kingsbury novels read only in the summer because I don't have time to read during the school year or if I do my family will not see me for days!

If you were only able to create one craft, what would it be?