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Location United States
Introduction Hi! I'm Kris, an avid gardener in NE Ohio (zone 5/6). I always seem to bite off juuuust a bit more than I can comfortably chew when it comes to garden/ landscaping projects. In July 2008 concerns for native bee populations galvanized me to turn my 1.25-acre property into a bee and pollinator sanctuary. I named the project Melissa Majora (home of the bees). In 2012 a herd of deer devasted the forage plants and shrubs. I fought them for years, but in 2015 I threw in the trowel and have purged most of what's left of several large forage beds. So sad. The deer have also forced me to restrict what I can grow veg-wise. Now veg plants are confined to containers close to the house behind a fence. Rabbits and groundhogs are also an issue. What should have been a lush, nourishing landscape has become more and more barren as local constraints against taking action against deer have made it impossible to help the environment, the bees and other pollinators. Sorry, bees. I tried. I really did.
Interests Writing, gardening, conversation, learning, philosophy, good coffee, white wine, physics, frugal living, friends.
Favorite Movies Love Actually, The Calendar Girls, The Full Monty, The Family Man, Brazil, The Hudsucker Proxy, Dogma, The Fifth Element, Lady in the Water, As Good as it Gets, Jersey Girl, A Beautiful Mind, What Dreams May Come, AI
Favorite Books Too many to list, but especially any by Kate Wilhelm