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Industry Arts
Occupation Fiber Artist
Location Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Introduction KNITTING, OCD, FELTING, ADHD, BEADING, PMS, DECOUPAGE, TOURETTES, SKETCHING, CLINICAL DEPRESSION, ALL THINGS CREATED WITH THE RIGHT SIDE OF MY BRAIN! Disclaimer: I’m a crazy ass mom to 3 crazy ass sons.…OK, another Disclaimer: My kids and I have Tourettes, OCD, ADHD, I also suffer from Clinical Depression. I don’t sound very good on paper, and this wouldn’t be a great profile starter for Love@AOL, but substance of a person is not something that can be felt from a computer keyboard.(Although, I can knit and felt a cover for my computer keyboard). I love life and the amazing gifts that each of us hold…I knit and design things. My knitting is my expression of who I am inside and out…I would like to thank the makers of Paxil, Adderall, Pristiq and Xanax for without my med’s. none of this would be possible. “Mania is just a hiccup of the mind”
Interests knitting, felting, decoupage, recycle art, crocheting, jewelry making, buttons, charcoals, doodling, working out, writing, sewing
Favorite Movies Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Little Ortek, Movies with sub-titles. I don't know why though.
Favorite Music Broadway Musicals, Old School, Classical, Gospel
Favorite Books Any thing non-fiction I love to read about other peoples lives and different cultures.

The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?

What famous person dead or alive do you most look like?