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Introduction When I adopted from India not that many years ago, I was fairly ignorant about the adoption landscape. I believed in the adoption myth that adoption agencies are basically trustworthy and that with all the hoops adopters must jump through, there are sufficient checks and balances to ensure that adoptions are ethical. Shortly after adopting, I began participating in the adoption community. My eyes were first opened by the racist attitudes and beliefs I observed in fellow adopters from India. I couldn't believe the dim view I saw many take of my children's country of birth, my own country of origin. Where were the checks to ensure that children were adopted into non-racist families? Later, my eyes opened wider when I learned about scandal after scandal with the recurrent themes of: getting children "out", agencies willing to look the other way, laws that are good on paper, but that are not enforced and individuals advocating for reform simplistically painted as evil and "anti-adoption". First, I thought adoption corruption was primarily specific to India. It didn't take long to become aware of how pervasive adoption corruption is.