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Gender MALE
Industry Engineering
Occupation Boss
Location Jeppis, Finland
Introduction My name is Jens. Been playing the guitar since 1998. That's why I made my Guitar Blog - Great Guitar Sound I Got my first guitar from my grandfather. It was an old Landola guitar and believe it or not I still play it today. My first song that got me hooked on guitar was, Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama, You know when you cant get a tune out of you're head. It just stays there. Well that's what happened to me when i heard that song. I said to myself, I got to learn this song. So I went home, downloaded the song as MIDI. (Yes this was 1998, we did not have mp3s back then) And started to try and play, well it took me a good 2-3 weeks to get that first part going but well worth it. Because the song was stuck in my head that helped me stay motivated and put the effort in learning to play the song. I hope that for you that's just now picking up the guitar this helps and you keep at it. I also have a few other blogs like: The Radioactive Chat Stay updated with the fallout! Turbocharger Specs If you like turbos!
Interests Guitars, Cars, Bikes, Inovations
Favorite Movies Enjoy carmovies like, Mad Max, Days of Thunder, Death Proof, Death Race, Stone [1974], The Wraith, The Cannonball Run, Vanishing Point, Transporter, Two-Lane Blacktop[1971], The Straight Story..
Favorite Music Anyone into guitars must listen to, Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed
Favorite Books Sovereign God For Us and Through Us, The Forgotten Books of Eden