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Introduction I believe in miracles because I live them every day. I am the mom of twin little girls, a situation I never thought I'd be in. One of my daughters, Georgia, is a child with special needs (she has Hydrocephalus and a miriad of other conditions caused by the fact that she is missing a significant portion of her brain), a situation I never wanted to be in. But she is a living breathing miracle, who was never supposed to live, so I'm happy to be in this situation rather than the alternative. She is a fighter who loves to cuddle. My other daughter, Eden, is full of joy. She is sassy and crazy and she makes me laugh every day. I am blessed with a loving husband, Darryl who puts up with all of my crazy. I used to be an attorney (criminal defense and corporate) but now my focus has changed. I used to negotiate multi-million dollar contracts and now I talk about poop all day. Sometimes I think I'm clever but since the twins were born I'm happy just not to be drooling on myself most days. Welcome to A Day In The Life Of Special Needs, its one crazy rollercoaster ride.