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Gender MALE
Location Pretoria, South Africa
Introduction I spent most of my life as a fundamentalist and discovered Reason much later than I would have liked. I'm still dealing with the trauma and this blog is my therapy. So this is me: non-conformist, heretic, fan of delicious flavour and a man without a home. I’m a cynical optimist and a really angry zen master. I am just a man trying to make sense of it all. This is my life in juxtaposition.
Interests Reading, cooking, theology, learning, coffee, food, mysteries, movies, mythbusting, science, technology, faith, reason, the supernatural, myth, legend
Favorite Movies This list can go on endlessly. I love mindlessly entertaining movies when I feel like mindless entertainment and I love deep movies when I feel thoughtful. And yes secretly I really really enjoy sappy romantic comedies. Judge me all you want you know you do too!
Favorite Music Sheryl Crow, Tori Amos, Lady Gaga, The Counting Crows, Me first & the Gimme Gimmes, ABBA, Queen, Guns & Roses, Sinead o' Connor, Weird Al, Karen Zoid, Sarah McLachlan, Pink, OK Go, Norah Jones
Favorite Books All books by CS Lewis, All books by Terry Pratchett, Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell, Blue like Jazz by Donald Miller, Sex God by Rob Bell, The Skeptic's Dictionary by Robert Todd Carroll... you know what? This isn't going to work, I read a lot and I like most of it...