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Introduction Gentlemen and ladies, welcome. For almost six years now, my life has been turned upside-down. A world I never knew existed - a world of games, fantasy, and vast volumes of lore - is now my reality. As you may have guessed, six years ago I met my husband. His hobby is his passion, and now, he's managed to combine work with play...literally. Now, where do I fit into all this? First, you should know, Kevorque is a brilliant man, with great ideas and the know-how to do it all. Anything software, Internet, math-related, he is your man. Where he falls just a bit short, what he lacks (and you know I love him) is the guts to take that next, often risky, step... which is of course where I come in. With a swift kick in the butt (from me), and support from helpful allies (Archmage and Strahdvonzar), Universe-Online is now up and running and Nocturion is coming together. Dreams can come true! As the dutiful wife, I thought my role would stop at moral support, minor physical assault, and dusting off his dragon collection from time to time, but it seems someone is needed to document the journey... and keep things in line. I'll do my best to keep you interested and up-to-date. Let's go!