About me

Gender MALE
Location Australia
Introduction Kinda tame kinda person most days, then others... cant shut me up! currently playing through a few Super Metroid hacks (redesign, cliffhanger, golden dawn, etc) while waiting for the release of some AWESOME fan games... thats bout it... i do other stuff aswell im just too lazy to write it down. >_>
Interests Lots of stuff but mainly games, music, and 40K.
Favorite Movies Transformers (Old and New), Predator, um too many others to prolly list here.
Favorite Music Slipknot, Static X, Disturbed, Fear Factory, Seether, System of a down, Sevendust, The Butterfly Effect.
Favorite Books Whats a book... >_> hehe i do know what a book is just playing... multi puspose device used for many different thing... like as a fire starter, fly swatter, table leg hight adjuster. and many more ^_^