About me

Gender MALE
Industry Education
Location Lake Wobegon, United States
Introduction I am a political economist who has had a lifelong interest in theology. I have been a professor of Economics, but was led to go to seminary and moonlight as a writer and tutor or research assistant. My seminary studies often dealt with Church/State relations or the ethics of Christian Political Involvement.
Interests Theater, Conversation with people from all over the World, Ideas, Comic Books, Thought-Provoking Films that may also expose me to other cultures, My Family, Playing Cards, Travel, Debate, History of Thought, Nature.
Favorite Movies Ridicule, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, The Mission, Memento, The Dinner Game, Life is Beautiful, The Horseman on the Roof, Kandahar, L'America, Uncle Saddam, The 25th Hour, Jesus of Montreal, The Passion Recut, Ordet, Slumdog Millionaire.

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

Como roberto benigni!