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Introduction Looking at my work,I realize that I am a storyteller.I build my stories in clay or inks,layering the surfaces with textures.These stories have no ending nor do they contain answers to the questions they pose.They are inquisitive, honest and dwell on the mysteries of daily living.... I have always linked the materiality of flesh and the memory of it with clay.It has an incredible sensitivity to touch.The process is long and hard.Sculpting, hollowing out,drying, bisquing, finishing.Given the nature of clay,these pieces involve a tremendous amount of effort and takes 3-4 weeks to complete.My overall conceptual concern in creating pieces that deal with the figure does not stem from the challenges it throws up.Nor is it the beauty of the human form that holds me.What continues to absorb me is how, by rendering the physical body , one can convey or at least suggest a remarkable array of non physical, internal, ephemeral, spiritual, or psychological experiences.I use the human form to get at the human being and human nature, not the body as an end in itself.....