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Introduction "When God says children are a blessing, He really means it, and we need to believe it--despite what the world says, and despite what our hearts may even cry out to us at times. I believe God has a far richer meaning for the word "blessing". For now, let me mention just one way in which children bless us that is often missed. The reason most people do not want a lot of children is that--let's face it--children are a lot of trouble and a lot of work! They cry, they fight, they mess up the house, they interrupt our sleep and our work, they often need help, patience, forgiveness, and love. In other words, they require us to become more like Christ if we are to have any measure of success with them. And what a genuine blessing that is! Children force us onto our knees, drive us to the Lord, and sharpen us for even greater service." Vickie Farris, "A Mom Just Like You"