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Gender Female
Industry Student
Location Chicago, Illinois, United States
Introduction I love film. I am a movie critic and aspiring screenwriter. Horror is my favorite thing to write and my favorite to watch is that in addition to comedy and drama. I write reviews for,,,, and
Interests movies, TV, music
Favorite Movies A Nightmare on Elm Street, Se7en, Mysterious Skin, I Spit on Your Grave, Last House on the Left, Serpent and the Rainbow, People Under the Stairs, American Beauty, Halloween, Blue Velvet, Psycho, The Gift, The Skeleton Key, Evil Dead movies, Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical, Hairspray, Harry Potter series, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, Death Sentence, Zodiac, Grindhouse, Silence of the Lambs, Night of the Living Dead, High Tension, The Devil's Rejects, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Shakespeare in Love, Titanic, The Lookout, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, Hostel Part II, Motel Hell, Mother's Day, School of Rock, A Night at the Roxbury, Leprechaun, Sleepaway Camp, Sons, Cinema Paradiso, City of God, Pan's Labyrinth, The Host, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, The Believer, The United States of Leland, American History X, Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead, Crash, Fright Night, Ginger Snaps, May, Wes Craven's New Nightmare, Elf, Anchorman, 40 Year Old Virgin, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, Knocked Up, Superbad, The Hills Have Eyes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Batman Begins, Spiderman 2, Wild Things, Army of Darkness, 30 Days of Night, American Gangster, The Mist, Karla, 10 Things I Hate About You, Stranger than Fiction, Juno, Reign Over Me, Thirteen, Pretty Persuasion, Down in the Valley, Saw, The Oh in Ohio, Severance, Fido, Poltergesit, Garden State, American Pie, American Dreamz, Wet Hot American Summer, Blood Diamond, Last King of Scottland, The Gymnast, Amelie, Driving Lessons, December Boys, Good Burger, Clerks, Clerks II, Jersey Girl, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Sin City, Saved!, The Lost Boys, Talk to Me, Better Off Dead
Favorite Music Bob Marley, Stephen Marley, Damian Marley, Ziggy Marley, Matisyahu, Wyclef Jean, UB-40, Buju Banton, Arrested Development, Blackalicious, A Tribe Called Quest, Jurassic 5, Eminem, Aaliyah, K-Ci & Jojo, The Beach Boys, Gavin DeGraw, No Doubt, Nickelback, Bryan Greenberg, Tyler Hilton, Bethnay Joy Galeotti, Alexz Johnson, Lily Allen, Joss Stone
Favorite Books The Vampire Diaries (especially The Struggle and Nightfall), Vampire Academy series, House of Night, Sookie Stackhouse series, Blue Bloods, Vampire kisses, Morganville Vampires, Twilight Saga, The Secret Circle: The Power, Awake in the Dark, Roger Ebert Movie Yearbook