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Introduction So why do I do this crazy sport? I had to find something to help keep me in shape and training for triathlons tends to do the trick. Not too long ago i was pushing 245 pounds and really had no idea how to eat right or how to exercise. The 20/20 program at the Pro Sports Club fixed that about 7 years ago (basically think of “America’s Biggest Loser", except you pay them money to yell at you vs. trying to win some money.) I have been around 170-180 pounds since the program and i feel great! A few years ago i stumbled on to cycling… something i loved doing back in collage but gave up when i got out of shape. Cycling was great but I wanted something that was a bit more goal oriented. My friend Doug Thompson had just completed his first Ironman and talked me into joining a new triathlon team that his coach was forming… so i did. I joined team JFT2 and started learning about the sport. When i competed in my first triathlon i didn’t know how to swim(really.. i managed to breast stroke and float on my back around the course!) and i hadn’t ran in about 18 months… it was a bit painful but i made it to the finish line and fell in love with the sport of triathlon.