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Location New Jersey
Introduction Hey Beauties, My name is Erin I am 33 a dancer and teacher. I love the arts, I love people and I lovvvvveeee beauty, all beauty inside, outside you name it. I think its important for people to feel good about themselves and live a happy life. Recently my life changed, you never know it's coming, but it comes. So hence my motivation to start this blog, purse my dream as a freelance makeup artist and personal stylist. Don't believe the hype I was not always this cheery ball of sunshine (hardly). I spent and still spend many a nights laying in bed, eating ice cream, chinese food, pizza, pharmaceuticals you get the point. It took a lot for me to get out and start living. Beauty Junkkie is a life style blog that focuses on being a perfect 10 on the inside out. We will touch on everything from fashion, fitness, health, wellness, well being to make up and makeovers. As I grow the blog will grow. So I'm inviting you on my Journey to be a perfect 10 inside and out. Thanks For the Visit, Erin