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Gender Female
Industry Fashion
Occupation Doer, Maker & Photo taker
Location San Francisco, CA
mai {at} this url
Interests sewing, style, design, aesthetics, love, music, cooking, pork, color, travel, film, photography, people, form, passion, art, candor
Favorite Movies in the mood for love, chungking express, secretary, donnie darko, the princess bride, lotr, a room with a view, pride and prejudice (keira knightley version), old boy, days of being wild, munich
Favorite Music death cab for cutie, dealership, citizens here and abroad, arcade fire, figurine, the blow, grizzly bear, mates of state, the handsome furs, seabear, i am arrows, bedroom walls, the national, local natives, beach house, bloc party, the blow, the postal service, telekinesis
Favorite Books guy maddin's journal, naked, love in the time of cholera, a gesture life, kitchen, lolita, elements of style, microserfs, generation x, pretty much anything by george orwell

Paper or briefs?

papier mache briefs.